Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Just in case you hadn't noticed by my recent posts, I'm stressing a lot about what's going to happen when baby gets here. 

If it's a normal healthy delivery, I don't mind visitors at the hospital once we're settled in a private room. With Archer the waiting room was packed full from 10am until late evening when I was finally able to move to a single room. I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours and felt terrible. I was all drugged out and just watching people pass him around and it was so uncomfortable. However, hospitals are neutral ground and people don't feel compelled to stay around forever so it's really ok. 

My biggest concern is coming home and not being able to feed or pump comfortably in my own home because people will want to come and visit for hours, not just the baby but Chance too, since he's gone a lot. I know people will want to see the baby, but when he needs to be fed every 2 hours and I'm going to try pumping too, it's just not going to be conducive to visits involving much "chatting." 

Chance thinks I'm nuts since I've done all of this before, and maybe I am, but I can't seem to stop. It drives me insane when people complain about stressors they can't control, so I promise I'm done. I feel a lot better now that I've gotten it out. I've talked to Chance and a few other friends and I really do feel better. I'm making a plan and he's promised to be the bad guy if need be. I love him for it, he knows I'm a chicken. 

I would expect one more post on this matter, laying out the plan, but other than that, I'm done. Thanks for listening. 

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