Thursday, July 26, 2012


I think the third trimester, especially this last half of it, is my least favorite time of pregnancy. I feel so ready to have a baby, and yet so completely un-ready to physically have a baby in my home. I was thinking earlier, I have 6 weeks left. That is so close, yet still SO far away. On top of that, baby doesn't have a room, the furniture hasn't been built, I still have so much to wash. AAAH. 

What I hate most is not having the energy to do anything, but having an overwhelming urge to do everything. My whole house needs to be cleaned. I have a ton of my own laundry to do and I'm still getting ready for school for the kid. 

I've been working on washing baby clothes and I have them all folded, but I have no where to put them. Baby has a dresser, but it's in the shop. I don't want cat hair or random bugs all over them so I guess they'll just sit in a laundry basket in my living room. 

I just wish the carpet guy would hurry up and then I would be able to relax.

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