Monday, July 30, 2012

Whooping Cough

We've all seen the commercials, the horrible cough coming from a tiny baby, telling us that Pertussis is dangerous and most commonly passed to new babies by parents, siblings, and other family members. 

When pregnant with Archer I'm not even sure I knew anything about Pertussis (or if I did the exhaustion of having a newborn has wiped it clean). In recent years I've seen more and more advertisements about it. 

But what concerns me the most are the recent cases of newborns and infants being taken to the hospital with it. Just a few weeks ago a baby from a nearby town passed away after struggling with pertussis for weeks before that. He wasn't old enough to have the vaccine. Then just two weeks ago a friend from high school's son was admitted to Children's Hospital with it. His oxygen levels were low because he couldn't breathe due to coughing. That really scared me. I cannot imagine having sit in a hospital and watch my baby fight just to breathe. 

Another friend posted last night that another baby has it. That was the final straw for me. I posted on facebook that everyone planning to visit needed to get the pertussis booster. I still need Chance to talk to his parents about it, but the word is getting out. 

If you're coming to see my baby, you're going to need to bring your shot record. ;) Ok, I'm kidding about that, but please get the shot.

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Amy said...

My mom just got this because she is coming to see the twins. I really want to tell everyone else who wants to see them they need it too but I am sure it will be a huge fight with Rob's family. I am just going to insist though because Rob's brother starts school next week. Stick to your guns, it's no joke!

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