Monday, November 7, 2011


I was reading Cait.Create's blog this morning, and she took a moment to share some truths about herself. I thought that was really neat, a very insightful look at herself, and something I wanted to try.

1. If you know me in real life, you know chances are, I'm going to be late. I don't do this to the inconvenience of others, but sometimes I'm just late. It happens. If I have a strict deadline or place to be, I'm there on time. But without structure, I'm going to be late. I was told a long time ago that I had no concept of time, I guess that's true. I'm 25 and can't read an analog clock without careful study. I'm unaware of time passing, it might feel like 5 minutes to me and actually be 45. My body just doesn't seem to notice time is passing around me.

2. I love taking photographs. I always have. I've asked for many a camera for my childhood birthdays. I had a couple of really cool ones too. There are mountains on mountains of photos at my parents house full of goofy "photography" subjects and dogs or worse, self portraits. Now that I'm older and can afford a decent camera, I always have it charged and ready, just in case something photo-worthy happens. Which by the way, my photo-worthy standards are pretty low. :) I'll take a picture of just about anything. 

3. I loathe confrontation. Hate. Gives me anxiety. Even verbal confrontation, even verbal rebuttals to me. Really, even online confrontation bothers me. Although, online it's a little easier to feign confidence, thus easier to maintain calm. I'm not sure where this came from, but it's something I've always had. My poor husband though, he's the one person I don't mind calling out. But he takes it well.

4. I am in my final semester of coursework for my master's degree, and as much as I'm dying for a break, I know I will miss it.I will miss the learning, the exchange of ideas, the professors even (for the most part). I won't miss the time away from my family, the time spent away from my family while I'm locked away doing homework, or the time spent stressing about said homework; but I will miss being in school. Since before I went to school I have loved learning. My Nanny was my babysitter when I was young and she made homework packets for me to learn with, she taught me how to read with my mom's old Dick and Jane books, and she gave me these really cool stickers every day for completing my work. I still have one of the sticker pages. I still have the notebook we kept my work in. I still love to learn.

5. I thought that I would love having some time away from my husband when he started working out of town. I frequently teased him about going to work in New York with his best friend. Now that's it's happened and he's away at lot for work, it's really hard. Much harder than I ever expected. If I lived closer to friends and he had worked away before we had kids, maybe it wouldn't be so tough. But it's hard being a single mom (to all you single moms or moms who do it alone, kudos to you) and it's hard being away from my pillar of support. Because of his hours we maybe talk 10 minutes a day and that's total. No texts or facebook messages in between, he's virtually unreachable while working. Saturday I was up sort of early and didn't talk to anyone out loud until my mom brought Archer home at 11. That's a long time in my world. But I will say, the old saying is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder, or mine anyway. Our family cherishes every moment that Daddy is home now, much more than before.

So, if you don't know me, you now have a little more insight into me. 

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ashleyjayneskinny said...

While you are very late, I am PAINFULLY early. If I have to be somewhere 10 minutes away at 1:00, I will leave at 12:30 if not earlier. I get mad if I'm late. I hate it bahaha

I have the same problem with confrontation. I will do ANYTHING to avoid it, even online. I hate it, and I also get anxiety like you. And we're alike in the husband thing, too. He's the only one I'll call out.

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