Monday, August 1, 2011

Auto Review:Dodge Caliber

Did I tell you we were rear ended a few weeks ago? Well we were. It really wasn't a bad wreck, Archer was with my parents and Chance and I were fine.

The body shop was ready for my car today so I dropped it off and my sister took me over to pick up a rental. At first I was really afraid that it would be this old grandma car they had in the lot, was a Dodge Caliber.

It was a really pretty ruby red color, cloth interior. Here were the things I really liked about the Dodge Caliber:
-Tons of storage
-I'm talking cubbies all over. There was a perfect spot for my wallet, a cubby for my phone, and the soda holder in the glove compartment.
-Electrical Outlet
-It has an actual electrical outlet inside.
-Auxiliary plug for my iPhone
-Pretty decent sound system
-Decent gas mileage

Here are some of the things I did not like about the Dodge Caliber:
-No power
-I was smashing the gas pedal and was barely going.
-No variable shifting (the fancier model might have this)
-My Jetta has 6 gears, sport shift and automatic sport shift and I love it.
-Lots of road noise
-You can hear every car next to you, every bump in the road, etc. Not a quiet ride.
-Lots of blind spots
-I am used to having to use the mirror for backing up, but the Caliber had lots of blind spots even during driving.
-Difficult cruise control
-There were more steps than mine to set the cruise and it didn't set on the speed I was actually going.
-Not a lot of storage
-My car trunk has more storage and doesn't have a designated cargo area like the Caliber does.

For anyone looking to buy a Dodge Caliber I will say that it is a decent car, but I wouldn't buy one after driving my Jetta.

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Anonymous said...

I am currently driving a Dodge Nitro as my rental car from my wreck and honestly, I just love it! Okay, maybe not this particular has makeup finger prints on the visor, the windows are not tinted making this black vehicle extremely hot, it's a basic, basic, basic model with no bells and whistles except automatic door locks and windows, etc. But, it had great get up and go, lots of room (well, for 2 car seats eventually), and I'm so high off the ground I don't feel like someone is going to pull out in front of me for lack of seeing me coming. This is absolutely a car I would consider getting in the future and I am so happy to drive it.
That being said, my mom recently took a trip to NM and had a Caliber as a rental car and hated it for pretty much the same reasons you do/did!

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