Monday, August 1, 2011


I came across this really cool photographer the other day. I don't remember now how, but she takes awesome pictures so I follow her blog and facebook. She used her facebook to ask this question today, and I thought it was really intriguing.

"What makes you persevere the most?"

My immediate answer to this question is knowing that others before me have dealt with worse.

I know it's hot outside, but not nearly as hot as it is in Afghanistan or Iraq, and I'm wearing shorts and a tank top, not full gear. I some times think that my toddler doesn't have as much as others, but then I remember that he has food, a bed, lots of toys, and more clothes than I can keep washed. He's fine. He has never had to have donations for Christmas presents.

Sometimes, I think that there is no way I can make it through the day because he's driving me crazy. And then I remember that my Nanny had three children under the age of six and was dealing with dangerous chemotherapy and radiation. If she could handle that, I can handle an overtired, whiny, clingy, attitude having toddler.

Every day I am thankful that my child has no health, learning, or mental problems. That I can talk to and interact with my child for his every need is a wonderful thing that I know I take for granted. I know mothers who can't interact with their children, because they can't hear, don't understand, or are not interested in being social due to PDD disorders and I know they struggle much more than I do.

When I think that school is just too much, it's just too overwhelming, I remember that my Nanny (who overcame that cancer) went back to school in her late 50s while completely blind. At least I can see my work to edit it right? When something is difficult to learn, I know that if she could learn how to use a computer without being able to see a single thing she was doing, I can do it with sight.

I have more rights than millions of people before me, the right to have this blog in fact. Many generations of people could only dream of having a place to put their thoughts, because even speaking them out loud to a friend might not have been safe. I can go to church (or not) and I can decide what church to go to (or not).

As a woman, I am treated equally to a man; something my great, great grandma can't say. I can and do own land, exercise my right to vote and I even work. I don't complain about much job much, because it really is awesome. I love my job and I love that I can even have one.

I really have a blessed life. I am healthy, my child and husband are healthy. We have our own home. We have reliable cars. We can afford to pay our bills and buy groceries, which I know is more than some people have.

Knowing that someone else is struggling daily with something more difficult than I am drives me to succeed with the conditions I have. My life is good and there is no reason to complain; even though we all are guilty of that sometimes right?

What makes you persevere?

It's all about perspective.

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Arden Prucha said...

What a lovely post! Thank you so much :)
The gifts we are given, even if 'few' is plenty!

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