Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Ready to Party!!

It's almost mid-July. Do you know that that means? That means that my sweet little angel will be three in less than two months. I've created a facebook invite so that friends and family will know what the plan is and when to ask off for work, etc. A save the date of sorts. I didn't send out invitations last year, but I think I will this year. Let's see if I'm creative enough to make some on photoshop! : )

The theme for this years party is Toy Story! Archer really wants Cars, but I want to have Toy Story because that's all he has talked about all year, and suddenly he wants Cars. I have a cake picked out and am hoping a friend of mine who makes cakes will do it for me! I also have the cake topper toys purchased and just ordered the plates/napkins set up.

Archer was so excited to check all the party stuff out. He wants balloons, he's asked 4 or 5 times. He also loves his cake, but he wants Buzz, Woody, Slink, Rex, Jessy, and Bullseye on his cake. The original cake didn't Slink and he was very explicit at wanting him so I'm going to have to hunt one down.

I'm hoping to be ahead of the game on this party. The past two parties have been on Friday's and with me working and going to school that's just not doable. This year it will be on Saturday, but I'm hoping to only have to show up that day and put up decorations and not worry about anything else. I'm only inviting family and a few friends, so nothing spectacular but I still want it to be a special day for my boy! :)

Anything else I'm missing?

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