Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mommy Brag

My son is so smart. I know, everyone has the smartest child in the room. I'm not saying that, I'm just impressed with the concepts he understands and articulates. Tonight while sitting next to me on the couch he said, "That's {d}isgusting Mom. That's weally gwoss. I don't wike it." Of course, he was referring to my very tasty broccoli and rice, but whatever.

After that he shouts at me, "MOM! That's my favorite show." referring to Criminal Minds. lol And then in the opening sequence of the show there was a mom and a baby and the baby is crying. Screen cuts off and he says, "Where'd the baby go? I miss that baby. Maybe someday?" No clue about the someday part, but I still thought it was just too cute to hear him say those cute things.

<3 my boy!!

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Amy said...

Someday... tomorrow... whatever ;)

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