Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Real Sadness

Because I have never lost a child, I can only read these words and know that this must be the worst thing a parent could ever hear. I cannot imagine getting a call telling me that my beautiful son had been killed. I can't imagine having to attend his funeral or make arrangements for his body. It's sickeningly heart breaking, and I can't even fathom what it really feels like.

The blog I'm linking to today is one written by a person I spent a few short weeks with one summer with as a child. I thought she was exotic and non-traditional and nothing like anyone I had ever met. She was just too cool. I spent time with her boys and have fond memories of a back yard pool and trip to a water park with them. I don't know them as adults, and I will never know one of them, Mick as an adult. I'm sad for her and her family, and pray for their strength to move forward and heal.

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Amy said...

Prayers to them. I can't even imagine.

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