Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New...Er, Old Journey

While I was in college, I had two jobs. The first was my high school job at a family owned grocery store that my great uncle, dad, and mom also worked at. I spent some great years working there, and still enjoy the small town atmosphere the store provides.

After we moved to the town I was going to college in, I decided I need to get a job there. I mostly worked for recreation then, as I was awarded a full cost of attendance scholarship.

So after applying and being offered a job at Bath and Body Works, I put in my two weeks notice and started a new journey. I was beginning a new job after 4 years at my previous job.

I stayed there for another two years, one as an associate and one as a Sales Lead (which is like a junior manager). There were three SLs at a time and there were days we ran the store more than the manager. Not that she didn't do her job, but she wanted us to learn how to do it on our own.

My last few months there I just knew that I would be eventually moving up and getting a Co-Manager job in a bigger store. But, that just never happened. I was coming from a small store, and would have been thrown into a huge store. It was obviously just not meant to be.

Since then, I've followed the store, several of the people I worked with have moved on to bigger stores. And now one of the girls I was first trained by is the store manager at my old store. She contacted another friend from there who I'm extremely close with to come back to work, and said friend also volunteered me. : ) The store was down to 7 people total and with holiday coming up, they should have about 25. She was desperate, and we were awesome when we were there.

So I went today and filled out my paperwork to go back to my college job
and my first shift will be this Sunday evening for a meeting. I'm so ready to get back and (get that discount) meet new people, spend time in such an oplifting holiday atmosphere. Maybe it will get me past my grinchiness.

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