Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So, I'm apparently taking a cue from Nobody. I'm back from vacay, but if we go back a bit, let me whine the last two weeks for you.

Firstly, my month old laptop's hard drive failed. Month old...failed. Lost lots of pictures. Very sad about that. Then, they told me they could send me a new one. But guess what, it didn't have any software preloaded so that windows would recognize it upon putting it in. Oh, so that means you have to send it in. How am I going to send it in, I'm leave for vacation for 10 days tomorrow?

Luckily, my cousin was able to come by and pack it up and send it off in the box they sent in. She was staying at my moms to take care of the garden and goat, and pool. She probably had more fun than we did. Eh, probably not, but I'm in a whining mood.

Then, on the first day of the trip, my mom and sister got on my nerves because they can't read maps, took us forever out of the way, and got all snippy when I informed them of it. My mom didn't want it to be a rushed affair, she just wanted everyone to enjoy the drive. But, that's just not possible with a whining, cranky, teething toddler in the back seat. Once we got to our hotel, it was OK. It wasn't worth the 120 we spent, but it was ok.

Next, we headed to eat. We walked, even though the women of my family insisted it was going to rain. Guess what happened? It not only rained, it flooded and stormed. Chance ran and got my sister's expedition because it was the only one big enough for us to all fit in.

Remember I said it was raining, well guess what I was wearing? Flip flops. Do you know what rain + flipflops equals? Falling. I busted it hard on the concrete. My knee is still bruised and yellow and that was almost two weeks ago.

Inside the hotel, Archer fell and busted his bottom lip. This was his first blood wound, and it was running out of his mouth.

The next day wasn't bad. Just a super long trip, with lots of traffic. We got to stop in at Whole Foods, which was a major plus. The next day we got to our cabin in Estes Park. It was gorgeous up there.

Of course, my mom planned the trip during the only open week, which happened to fall on finals week. I had an essay exam which consisted of 2 questions, but each needed to be 5 pages. Plus several discussions, plus 2 actual tests, and another paper. All of that took the first two days of my vacay, and I would like them back. Thanks.

And then...I feel like the Asian lady from "Dude, Where's My Car?" Anyway, the second night at the cabin Archer fell head first out of a big boy swing while his daddy was pushing him too high. He was really shaken up, but not hurt. Not 10 minutes later, he was pushing his truck and hit himself in the face with it, busting his top lip and gum. More blood. : (

Vacation went up from there.

On the way home, one of my prof's asks if I was planning on turning my final in or just failing? I turned it in 5 days before on Monday. So that was a bit of heart fail. Got it all figured out, but it was still scary.

Yesterday, we went to get a puppy for me, I mean, Archer. : ) We took Arch to Chance's parents because we had to drive a few hours to pick her up. As we tried to leave his parents, the car wouldn't start. You know that car I just bought with only 70k miles. I'm praying it only needs a new battery.

I also emailed my school yesterday to ensure my financial aid was good to go for fall, they said yes, looks great. Today I get an email letter saying I'm suspended from recieving funds. Apparently you are only allotted 48 hours to complete a master's degree. Didn't know that. But, even then, I need 60 total to get all of my classes for the LPC track. So, I put in an appeal letter. I'm praying it's granted, otherwise, the money I was expecting will not be coming in. (I know, never count your eggs, but it's hard not to.) Also, if not granted, I will not be continuing or finishing my degree. I'm sick with worry and stalking my email for any news. I can't wait much longer, but the news won't be in until Friday.


Nobody said...

ouch, so sorry to hear about all that. i wouldn't wish my luck on anybody. looks like we're both getting big news on Friday... i'll spare a few thoughts for you, while i'm busy worrying about me. (((hugs))) i hope it gets better soon!!!

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