Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now for the up

While my life has had a few major bumps over the past few weeks, there were also big ups!

Firstly, Chance and I fell in love with CO. We absolutely loved the weather and scenery. He loved the ability to hop on your bike or in your car and buy fresh, healthy food. There are bikers and cyclists all over Boulder, where there are acutal lanes for them to drive on. We went on a two mile hike, and it was awesome.

Even though I went on finals week, I made 100 on one of my tests, and my semester grades were two A's and a B.

We also got a super sweet little puppy out of the deal. Her name is Sadie. I had such a hard time naming her, usually it only takes an hour or so. I prefer names that are just on the other side of what you would name your children. For example, my last two dogs were Titus and Malley. Both are fun names, but on the edge of too contemporary for kids names. Chance's dog who I named was Briggs. I actually would name my kid that, if I hadn't already named my dog that. So feel free anyone. : )

Another up, Chance and my dad found a job, and will be starting next week. That means, I will have a whole week all to myself, to snuggle with Archer before I'm back to work. It also means he will get twice the money he's getting for unemployment right now.

So, thanks for listening to my whining yesterday, hope you enjoyed the happiness today.


Special K said...

Oh just occured to me... your kid has a dog-sounding name, and your dog has a kid-sounding name. (Mine). Actually, no. Sadie is a dog name. She knows that. She loves it. It's actually Sarah. I wanted to name my dog Yoshi, but no one in the family agreed. Anyway, I'll meet you in CO. I agree.

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