Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain today

Chance and Archer were supposed to go away today and give me some space. Air to breath. Quiet.

But, since it has done nothing but rain today, that didn't happen. He doesn't like going to his parents when it's rainy because then all the kids are crammed in one house and can't go out. (His niece and nephew plus 10 year old sister are there almost all the time.)

For a little while, we watched flood coverage on the news. It was scary, and I'm glad my family and friends are all safe. Then Chance decided we should watch The Edge of Darkness. No spoilers, but it's one of those movies with lots of loud action, and then quiet speaking. The kind where you have to crank the sound up just to hear, and are then blown out two seconds later.

On top of all of that, Archer hasn't had a nap yet, because he won't take naps when Chance is home. So, the noise level is overwhelming inside my house, and no one can go outside because of the rain. I would be LOVING this rain if I were home alone, or really if Chance were at work.

He doesn't do anything to get on my nerves, I just have a routine, and he's ruining it.

On top of the stress of him being home, I'm still not completely over the stress of having to photograph my cousins wedding. I spent the evening Friday and ALL day Saturday. It really wore me down, and I haven't had two hours of alone time to recoup.

At this point, I'm ready to hire a babysitter for Chance and Archer.


Rikki said...

LOL about hiring a babysitter! I hope you get some alone time soon. I used to feel bad about needing my alone time but now I realize that it makes me a better wife and mom when I get it so it's one of my top priorities.

Can I ask what happened with Chance being laid off!? That really sucks! I hope they call him back soon.

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