Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ahh, quiet! : )

Chance and Archer left earlier to go first to my parents to help my dad, and then to his parents. We got a ton of rain yesterday so they have plans to go "icle" (4 wheeler) riding in the mud today. A very boy activity.

A comment yesterday asked about Chance being laid off. Well, it's just the construction field. The job they were on is finished, so now it's just a waiting game until something else starts up. They generally have a gap like this once a year, but we were lucky last year and didn't have one but for a week or so.

It's not bad, they just have to file for unemployment for a month or so, and then something will come up. It was really bad when I wasn't working but now we have some things paid down, the central heat and air we installed dropped our electric bill $200, and now neither of us is paying gas and eating out for lunch costs. Now we just have to tighten up our spending a little.

We're taking our first whole family vaca in July so I wish this little gap in work would have waited until then so that they wouldn't be missing work; but I don't hope it lasts that long. Money is part of that, but I just can't stand to spend that much all day time with him.

PS, I use the term they to refer to Chance and my Dad. They work together; so anytime they are out of work, it affects our family as a whole. But they have already filed for unemployment and have been paid this week, so we didn't miss a pay check. It's about $240 less a week than usual, but it's enough to keep us afloat until something comes up!


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