Monday, January 4, 2010

Three years ago today

I lost my Nanny.

She went in for sugery on Dec. 22 and just never recovered. Luckily, my grandpa suggested we all go see her, as the dr was worried about her lungs, and we did. That was the last time she was awake and coherent. She laughed and chatted with us that day, Christmas Eve I think. She was then, my Nanny.

The next few days when she was lethargic and out of consciousness; she wasn't my Nanny then. Her body was still there, but the rest of her wasn't. Her spark was gone.

While I still miss her a lot, and wish that she could be with me and know Archer, I'm not sad that she's in Heaven. I'm not sad that she is in a better place where she can see the colors of flowers and birds, and walk without difficulty. She can be free, and healthy, and I don't begrudge her leaving this place for that.

Remember to tell your loved ones how much you truly love them.


Rikki said...

I'm so sorry Sally. I will say a prayer for you tonight, I know these "anniversaries" are never easy.

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