Saturday, September 5, 2009

My poor husband

After the long hot summer, Chance was really looking forward to a nice, long (and by long I mean playoffs) OU football season.

He really got into watching sports last year. He never really cared, but having a baby and not a lot of spending money means you spend a lot of time at home. Thus, every Saturday night instead of dinner and a movie, we watched college football to a home cooked meal.

He got really involved after that to say the least. He's kept up with the team in the off season, watches videos online, etc etc.

He was REALLY looking forward to this football season.

Seconds before half time, their star quarter back, 2008 Heisman Trophy winner, Sam Bradford takes an awful hit and is laying on the ground clutching his shoulder. My heart stopped, you never want to see a player injured. As a mother all I can think is, this poor kid, because he is just a kid. He's just a junior in college. (See previous post about my personal feelings on these hits and how they relate to my son.)

I call my dad, just to make sure he hasn't had a heart attack. (He's not allowed to until November 1st, my mom took out a heart attack/stroke/cancer policy on him that doesn't go into affect until then.) He hadn't, but of course I had to hold the phone miles away from my ear to keep from getting any permanent damage.

They come back after half time to say that he will not be coming back in, looks likely he has some kind of sprain that takes weeks of rehab.

When the #3 team lost to the #20 team my husband was outside smoking a cigar, I think he was hoping it would relieve some of his extreme anxiety. You wouldn't believe how thick the tension in the room was after poor Sam was injured.

So, at the end of the night, I pray for Sam Bradford, this could very well end his career if it's bad enough. I pray for my dad's heart, he really shoudn't stress about things he can't change. And I pray that my O-State loving cousins don't mercilessly attack my husband's facebook page, even though with all the instigating he has been doing the month leading up to football season, he deserves it.



Rikki said...

Oh that is awful! I hate when players get hurt this early in the season. You know the are so heartbroken.

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