Tuesday, September 15, 2009

13th Tale

I completely devoured this book. I read late last night, during nap time today and even for a little while as Chance and Arch played in the floor. The instant they were in bed, I busted that book out again and finished it.

In the book, the author describes being so drawn into a book that you are completely unaware of the world moving around you. While that didn't happen with this book, it has happened to me in the past. When I was reading the Twlight Saga, it happened to me. I was so wrapped up that I couldn't do anything but read. Archer was still bfing so I could just read while he nursed and napped. I honestly stayed up until 330 to finish one of the books, and I read them all in 5 days. I actually finished the first book on the way to the theater to watch the movie. On the way back, I picked up New Moon from my sister and had it finished the by the evening of the next day. Luckily, my own personal copies came in the mail 2 days later, or I would have been suffering from withdrawals.

The Thirteenth Tale, the book I just finished, was a really good book. The author was very engaging, and I'm slightly disappointed in myself for not realizing what was happening until it was spelled out for me. I was going in all the wrong places, but once it was said outloud, I was distressed to have missed it.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading in general. It has very little bad language, it does talk a little about things of a not so kosher nature, but nothing that isn't absolved with the story.

Tomorrow, I must make up lost time in the homework department. Hopefully I'll have the chance to pop in the library to check out The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz-Zafon. More on it later!


Nobody said...

i just picked it up at the library today! as soon as i finish the current book i'm reading i'm gonna start on it. :) i'll let you know how it goes!

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