Monday, September 14, 2009


I saw that another HB and fellow blogger had a fairly adversive reaction to penicillin and made me wonder if anyone else had children with allergies, be it major pollen allergies, food, or vaccinations?

Archer has had a reaction twice to Kraft Ranch dressing. He also had it happen once when he had eaten nothing but roast and veggies (foods he's eaten many times) and animal crackers.

It's really the crackers that worry me because one of their main ingredients is soybean oil, which just happens to rank extremely high in ranch dressing. I would really hate for him to be allergic to soybean oil, or worse just basic soy.

I think we would have encountered it more if that were the case, but you really never know.

My mom has food allergies, but mostly to preservatives and food combinations. She can eat all of the ingredients in pumpkin pie alone, and some pumpkin pies without a reaction, but others cause her to be sick instantly. (By sick I mean sneezing, coughing, watering eyes, stomach issues) She can't eat any pizza at Pizza Hut, but 10 years ago only pan pizza affected her.

I only hope that my mother's allergenic issues don't affect my child!


Rikki said...

I wish I could help! Have you mentioned this to his ped? I wonder if they can do an allergy test on him. Heaven forbid he is allergic to something and has a stronger reaction.

Sally said...

No, I totally forgot to ask him the last time we were there.

Anonymous said...

that's odd about your mom... i don't know anything about allergies, since my family has been blessed with a fairly low amount. do you think maybe it could be msg your mom is allergic to? i know that it's a lot more common in foods than we think, and most companies put such a small amount in their food, that they aren't required to list it as an ingredient. the only food i can think of off the top of my head is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese... it has msg in it, but not enough to be required to list. at least, that's what i read in an article one day. maybe i'm wrong?

as far as i know E doesn't have any allergies, but she has had some odd little skin reactions that seemingly pop up randomly. her diet hasnt' changed in a while so i don't think it's food.

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