Saturday, August 22, 2009

How important should something be?

I have the tendency to blog about the most mundane unimportant things, and I'm truly sorry about that. This comes from the thought that I would tell everyone just how much I love Buttery Salt and Cracked Pepper popcorn. It's my favorite. However, that would just be ridiculous. I'm not an advertising firm.

So that thought got me thinking, what do you include in a blog? When something is random, yet slightly boring should you go ahead and write it anyway and hope one of your readers will get something from it?

I'm thinking I sometimes end up saying stupid things, like Baby in Dirty Dancing, "I carried a watermelon." Makes you want to say, "Really? That's nice." And then ignore everything else they say.

I also tend write more about my thoughts and my previous experiences. I love reading witty and informative blogs, they have so much going on in their life that I don't. I also follow blogs about people I don't even know, just as long as they have something I like to read. : )

So, what I would like to know is, when do you blog? When you have something specific to say about an occurence in your life (wedding, birthday, party, etc) or do you just keep us up with your day to day life.


Devin said...

Most of the time I just blog when I'm bored. The only thing interesting I have in my life right now is my wedding ... but that's only interesting for a few more weeks and then its over. Usually I'm as boring as can be. And I'm not the world's most talented writter either so I have no clue really why anyone reads my blog. I just write what's on my mind, then re-read it and only post it if I think I would read it in someone else's blog.
Hope that helps. It probably doesn't, but I tried! Lol.

Kristen said...

I blog when I have something on my mind. I used to journal when I was younger and now I do that in the form of a blog when I don't mind sharing information. I'm not too concerned with who reads my blog or if they are getting anything out of it - I do it for myself. But, if someone enjoys what I am sharing then that's great. I also have a few friends that follow my blog that don't do FB and I don't talk to them on a regular basis so it is their way of keeping up with my life.

Anonymous said...

what i love about blogging, is that it's mine. it's mine and i can say whatever the hell i want to on there, and if somebody doesn't like it, or finds it boring- they just don't have to read it. :) of course, that being said... i just installed Twitter updates on my blog so i can stop including tiny, pointless updates in my blog...yet still have the small things be a part of it. :) i LOVELOVELOVE your layout, btw!

Rikki said...

I agree with Devin and Nobody! I live a pretty boring life so I don't write much. A lot of time I will write a blog post about random things then just not post it because I think it will bore people. But at the same time if I did post a boring entry and they don't want to read it than oh well, it's my blog they don't have to. But I can write whatever I want to.

For the record I love your blog, even the "random" stuff. I always enjoy reading it.

Roy and Debbie said...

Sally, thanks for stopping by our blog and commenting on the "valentine tater". I agree about the blog being there to post whatever you want. I rant occassionally about stupid topics for stress relief or just be silly. Kinda fun. Stop by our blog any time and leave a comment if you wish. Always good to have another OSU fan around.

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