Thursday, August 27, 2009

gonna rant a little, need to get it out

We had some rain off and on yesterday, even stormed a little. In Oklahoma, this is normal. The weatherman (Jed Castles or Gary England) said heavy thunderstorms.

Right before bedtime, I noticed a big clump of green and red on the radar online. I decided to stay up and see what was happening with it.

Good thing I did. First, the wind was blowing so hard it woke Archer up from a dead sleep. It was just beating on the walls of our house. I went to get the crying baby and the power went off. That freaked him completely out!

I looked out the front door and it looked like hurriacane footage.

I put Archer in bed with us, which was hell. It was so hot, but we couldn't open a window because there was still torrential rainfall happening outside. After about half an hour Chance got up and went to the couch because Archer was just moaning. A little longer in, the power finally came back on.

With the lights on, Archer thought he should play. I let him get in the floor, which he instantly decided was not what he wanted. He got back in my lap and went to sleep.

You think it's over!? Nope.

Chance wakes me up when he leaves, I've been asleep for an hour. Twenty minutes later he is home getting my truck and money from the safe for gas because he is having to drive all the way to work. (He usually rides with my dad.)

Two hours later, he's back. He says, "Babe I'm home, I have to go change, I'll tell you why I'm home in a second."

I can only imagine the worst. The last time he drove to work in one of our vehicles he wrecked my very first car.

I'm fighting to wake up after 4 hours of sleep. He comes back and says it was raining really hard and he turned too sharply out of a gas station and almost turned into an 8 foot drainage ditch. Instead of going into it, one wheel went over the edge and the frame fell onto a concrete barrier.

Now, all of that on my baby's first birthday. Luckily, Daddy stayed awake and let Mommy sleep in.

Then, when I get up Archer is so lovey!

The best part of my day so far? While watching Young and the Restless with Mommy, he smiles a big huge smile when a kitty comes on the screen and says, "Kih Kih. Meaow."

He opens his little mouth so wide and really holds out the 'ow' part. I just love it!!


Anonymous said...

that's my favorite part about being a mommy. the day can be an absolute walk in hell, but my baby never fails to do something so utterly adorable, my heart melts every time. it makes all the yucky stuff all better, just for a moment.

Devin said...

What a gross start to a birthday, but at least its getting better!

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