Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I rarely make or keep resolutions, but since it's New Year's Day, I'll write about some broad goals I would like to accomplish. 

I want to read more. I've updated my Reading Challenge page up top, you can see the books I read last year and the books I'm reading this year. They're linked to Goodreads, which I highly recommend if you're not a user. 

I've always been a reader, but I've never had the patience for "greats" or "classics." I'm starting the year with The Hobbit and plan to read the rest of The Lord of the Rings books as well. Hopefully I can make it through. 

I want to blog more. I think we can all agree that I failed epically at blogging last year. I had too much going on and my brain was too foggy to form coherent thoughts that anyone would care to read. I promise to try and be entertaining, buy mostly I like having an outlet for my ideas. I would write them on a notebook, but it would end up lost, broken, spilled on or possibly even eaten. These are just the consequences of raising small children. 

I want to be a better photographer. Not a professional photographer, I just want to learn more and be better. I want a nicer camera and I want to learn it inside and out. Then maybe someday I'll be able to pursue a real photography business. 

I want to be more honest. Having a blog can sometimes be a tough balance. There are days I want to rant about people that make me angry or get on my nerves, but that's not my intention with this blog. There are days I want to rant about my husband, but I know I shouldn't expose all parts of my life on a public blog, so I won't. But I do want to be more transparent about my life. I don't want it to be a place to talk about how perfect we are, I want it to be real. I also want to be more real in real life. I'm a sugar coater, and I need to man up a little. 

I want to have more patience. Ask my children about this. I get so worn out from being the only parent a week at a time, and I take those frustrations out on them. This one is less broad, on purpose. I want to be more understanding and less quick to blow my lid when they make mistakes. Or even when it's on purpose. 


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