Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kay Jewelry Review

A few weeks ago my sweet husband took me to the mall after one of my doctor's appointments and said, "Go pick out a ring." I never got an engagement ring since we weren't ever really engaged, just a wedding band at the wedding.

I was...shocked, overwhelmed, worried I'd choose wrong, you name it I thought of it. It was too scary for me to process at that moment. We ended up waiting to do some more research online first. Which, really didn't turn out all that well.

We ended up buying this ring from Kay (or this ring that's similar). It came in really quickly, the one thing I was impressed with. I opened the box and it was gorgeous. Sparkly and just beautiful.

The next day, I was taking a picture of it to send to my husband and noticed a crack or a scratch. I thought, surely not. I've only worn it for a few hours (3 tops), what could have happened?

I went to the Kay store at the mall to ask them what was going on. I get there and one person is at the front desk and one is at the back, each with a customer. I walk to the front desk to wait. Here I stand, 38 weeks pregnant and am not greeted. No eye contact, no hello, nothing. I stood there for 10 minutes without either employee recognizing that I'm there. I walked off.

When I got home I called customer service, the only advice I'm given, "Take it back to a store and reorder it online." (not carried in stores) Ok, not pleased with that choice, but it's better than nothing.

I make a special trip to a different mall to return it. We were greeted immediately by a very friendly employee who seems helpful and nice. Show her the ring, tell her we want to return it. She says ok, she'll go get a manager. And that's where it turned sour. The manager was immediately on the defensive. She explained (in a not so nice manner) that it wasn't a crack but a defect in the gem, which is what we paid for. Had we gotten a higher quality diamond instead of spending less money, we would have gotten a better diamond without this flaw. All true, but terrible bedside manner.

Needless to say, we returned the ring, did NOT order another and have tabled the matter for another time. I didn't say anything to anyone about this process because it seemed too good to be true, and it was. I wouldn't post it here if it weren't for wanting to get it out that the reason this product isn't sold in stores is because it's very low quality and people wouldn't buy it if they saw it first. I'm fairly certain of that.

After this experience I will never buy anything from Kay again. I think the website was a little misleading, unless you know about diamond quality and what kind of flaws are possible. I've had diamonds with small specks or flecks of dark color and that's what I assumed they meant, not this very visible crack-like issue. I think the first store I went to (Central Mall Lawton) had terrible customer service. I've worked in customer service, even if you're helping someone else, you make eye contact and say hello to someone standing 3 feet from you. I think the second store I went to (Penn Square Mall) was upset that they were getting such a large return early in the day and let that color their customer service, which was just as bad as the first store. She could have explained the situation politely without trying to belittle us. When working in customer service, if someone was making a return of a product they were unhappy with, my goal was to win them over so that they would either buy that day or return another day.

Can you see it? 

Fissure running across top of diamond, it was also visible from the sides and bottom

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Amy said...

Wow! I would have been so upset as well! That is not a little defect, that is a big defect! I am always afraid to buy online because of issues like this, but always afraid I am getting ripped off buying from a jeweler. Sucks :(

And I am the opposite. I only have the engagement ring because I wanted a larger diamond for it before buying a band. We're buying a band with our tax return this winter and once more I am afraid of getting ripped off! :(

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