Monday, August 13, 2012

School Update

Archer's third day of school was today.

He happily reported this afternoon that he played with the same friend as last Friday, he still doesn't know his name and can't describe what he looks like. I think it's so neat that he's completely unaware of physical differences (race, hair color, height/weight). I asked him today what he looks like (for the 2nd time, last time all he could think of was "striped shirt") and he said "He's same size as me. And he's brown like me." I'm not at all sure what that means, since he's tanner than most kids but still white, but I think it's neat that he doesn't know that he's "white" or "black" or any other society determined race.

We've gotten the schedule down pretty well also. In the morning he doesn't like for me to just drop him off at the door, he likes me to go in a spend a few minutes "talking" to him before he has to go in his classroom. I told him we would do that until the baby comes unless he got ready before that. In the afternoon I drive through and pick him up.

He goes "all day" which is from 8:05-2:45, though I can drop him off as early as 7:45. It definitely doesn't feel like a full day when you have errands to run, but I'm grateful he gets to go at all. I miss him all day and usually get to school early to pick up him, but I'll be glad for only have one to juggle once the baby gets here.

I was really worried about him learning the alphabet (or even be able to recognize his name) but he's already telling me anytime he sees an A (though he calls it a cross, because of the line in the middle) that it's "his letter." I think that's great progress after only 3 days.

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