Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Schedules and routines

As I said yesterday, Chance gets home from work today. His work schedule really sucks and I'm not looking forward to him leaving this time, especially with me being so pregnant and Archer being in school. It's really going to mess up his world.

I always look forward to him coming home, and usually have these grand plans of what we can do and the time we can spend together, but it usually ends up being chaotic as hell and we don't have time for anything. I'm sure that will be the case again this time. But I'm still looking forward to him coming home of course.

Although, this time, I might have a very selfish ulterior motive.

You see, my very sweet, loving husband really doesn't get what it's like to have to get up and take the kiddo to school (or daycare) as he's never done it. He left before school started. So I am really looking forward to sleeping in while daddy gets up, makes oatmeal, gets him dressed and packs his lunch. There's nothing difficult about it at all, it just takes a little fine tuning of schedule and planning ahead.

I literally have to drag Archer out of bed most mornings. He stirs as soon as the alarm goes off, but I let him snooze at least once. Then on the second alarm, I turn on the light and off the fan. I tell him I'm starting his oatmeal and I head to the kitchen groggily. I sleep in my contacts most days (don't tell my dr) so I'm fighting stuck together eyes while I pour oatmeal and water in a bowl and fumble for the microwave buttons.

In the minute it's cooking I run to the bathroom, change my clothes and brush my hair. Back to the kitchen for milk in the oatmeal to cool. Get the kid out of bed and into his inherited Superman robe because it's freezing in our house and sit him at the table to eat. While he's eating I make his daily pb&j, toss in a water and snack of some kind (pretzels, apple sauce, yogurt).

As soon as he's done we pull on clothes, which usually takes forever because he's still cold and doesn't want to get naked. Then it's time for brushing teeth and shoes, which I let him do alone to an extent but I always follow up with a few seconds of brushing for him.

It's really not a long or difficult process, but I'm definitely interested in seeing how Daddy does it wrong  and the chaos that might cause. All while I'm blissfully sleeping in. (one can dream right?)

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