Thursday, August 2, 2012

Change of plans

Last October I learned about the BlogHer  conference . Because I'm interested in writing and blogging and I love NYC I was seriously considering going. They have a student rate, which is amazing and was seriously almost too goo to pass up. I almost booked my flights in December. I was thinking it would be an amazing time away for me, in a place that I love, learning about something that I enjoy and hopefully getting some new passion for blogging. Thank goodness I didn't, since you shouldn't fly at 35 weeks pregnant. :\ 

I also considered driving up to Pennsylvania to spend some time with Chance while he was at work, and then spend his time off up there. We even talked about getting a house on a lake and seriously spending the entire summer there. Again, pregnancy really changes plans doesn't it? 

The beginning of this summer was full of drama for me and I again considered driving up to PA and spending a few weeks away, but it's just too hard to do pregnant and alone with a 3 year old. I couldn't justify spending a ton of money on hotels and eating out when I had so much baby stuff to buy. 

While I regret missing some of those experiences, I'm so glad for the time I've had at home with Archer this summer. We drive each other crazy, but it's been great. Hopefully once I go back to work my sweet, loving husband will take me to NYC for my birthday (hint, hint). 

But the point of my post is, it's amazing how plans can change, and yet I'm getting rewarded with something so much better. A lifetime of happiness and memories that will most definitely beat out a few summer fun trips. I always try to be happy with whatever may happen, because it was meant to be. Whatever happens is what should have happened, in my mind. 

I'm ready for this new adventure and will take cancelled plans over it anytime. :)

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