Thursday, August 9, 2012

After School Update

I promised an update this afternoon, so here is what I have.

He had fun, but he didn't play with anyone. No one would play with him so he played Captain Hook alone. He also didn't touch his lunchbox or use his blanket for his nap. He said they didn't let him take his lunch or get his blanket. He also told me all he ate today was pancakes and a yogurt, so I have no idea if he got a plate at lunch and just didn't eat it or what. He did eat his entire lunch as soon as he walked in the door, so he was definitely hungry.

He said he was sad when I left, so I told him tomorrow we would go super early so I could talk to his teacher and then have time to say goodbye. And now he's currently taking a nap on his bedroom floor. :)

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