Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nursery ideas

Because my male husband doesn't care about room decorations, crib styles, paint colors, etc etc I need a place to talk about it. 

For a girl nursery, I am loving the vintage feel. I want a light aqua paint color with pink and red accents. I'm debating between the first option and this one. The last time I chose a richer paint color I ended up with dark turquoise walls so I'm thinking maybe paler would be better. 

I found this bedding set. But I'm considering not ordering the bumper and just ordering it by piece. It will be a little cheaper, and apparently bumpers aren't safe anymore? 

I found and pinned this nursery months ago, before even thinking about having more kids. I just love this classic photo wall. I love including old family photos. I also found this banner on etsy. I'm really hoping to buy as much stuff from etsy as possible. I like the idea of using hand made items.

For a boy room, I am thinking nature or something similar. Archer's room was rustic. He had the bears, moose, cabin-y stuff. Of course, since we re-did his room for his birthday, I gave all of that stuff away. 

This time I'm leaning more toward foxes and bears, maybe a few other forest creatures. 

I love these prints, they are the inspiration for my idea. I don't like the owl, just because it's so over-hyped, but I do love the other two. I like the other options here too as well as the wall color. 

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Nobodys Nothings said...

i wish i could give you some advice, or just chat about how much i love your ideas... i'm sure whatever you pick will be adorable. :) you and i have radically different tastes in decor, though. (i'm sure you already noticed!) if i could do it all over again, i'd do a lavender and black nursery... like the purple one in this blog post --->

Sally @ A Blessed Existence said...

I really like that lavender and black. It's really classy and sophisticated. I also really like your decorating style. It's clean lines and simplistic. I'm sure in three years I'll think back about what I could have done differently. lol

Christian said...

I love those animal prints! I always told myself if I had a girl, purple all the way. And a chandelier in her room.. Aqua is pretty too though. , I like your choices. Esp. For a boy :)

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