Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Television perspective

I've posted time and again about the societal issues with breast feeding. It's one of my pet topics, just because it comes up so frequently, and there's never a lack of debate when it does. I have learned to state my piece and move on, because most people won't change their mind based on what I have to say anyway.

Today as I watch TV, "Toddlers and Tiaras" which is not generally a show I watch, I'm a mix of appalled and baffled. My issue here is, these people take away the primary reason most anti-breastfeeding speakers have. We shouldn't share breastfeeding (showing, telling, dolls, books, shows, etc) because it robs our children of their youth. I'm in complete disagreement with this statement, but let me tell you something I found today that I believe actually robs our daughters of their innocent childhood.

I watched a two year old be held down, screaming, so that her mom could airbrush her with a spray tan, wearing more make-up than a drag queen would ever wear,  pounds of fake hair piled on their heads, acrylic nails or shellac nail polish.

These girls shouldn't have to worry about all of this at such a young age. That to me is making them grow up faster than they need to.

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