Thursday, December 29, 2011

If only your mouth was closed like your mind.

Why are people so stupid about breast feeding? I understand that everyone has different opinions about it, that's fine. But uneducated comments just irritate me. I don't even know why I read news articles about it, I'm too worked up to sleep.

It's not always possible to avoid going to the store all day long. Breast feeding mothers have shopping to do and errands to run, and sometimes that just happens to overlap with the time a baby needs feeding.

It's not always possible to use a cover. Sometimes baby doesn't like it, sometimes it's too hot. Most mothers prefer modesty, but there are times when feeding your baby is just more important than the judgement of others. In my state, I can legally feed my baby wherever I can legally be, so I'm sorry if I'm coverless, look away.

Not all babies will take bottles. That's a blessing and a curse. Stop suggesting it.

And everyone's favorite: feeding a baby is the same thing as going to the bathroom, so do it there. I actually saw a comment today that said "Feeding a baby is exactly like going to the bathroom." Really? That's just dumb on so many levels.

I also saw a man's comment, But if I just whip my penis out like a woman does her boob while feeding a baby does I'd get charged with indecent exposure. Don't go around showing people your privates. Again, really? So a man on the beach showing his nipples is showing his privates (and are we 12?)?

My personal favorite comment however was a woman saying that people shouldn't judge others. That no one is better than anyone and it's just about feeding a baby. Unless, that is, you're feeding a one year old, then you've crossed a line. Hmm. No judgment or anything.

There are many valid points as to why women should cover up, and many women do. It's just more comfortable for most of us. I don't really want you seeing my boob. Although, I will say, some women show more boob with a racy bathing suit or tank top than a breast feeding mother.

The moms who do force breast feeding on people frequently, do so (I believe) to gain publicity for their cause. Something they wouldn't have to do if we didn't react so negatively when someone feeds their baby in public.

The biggest enemy when it comes to breast feeding debates is the American society. Boobs are over sexualized and crammed down our throats as sexual objects when they aren't. God created (or if you don't believe, we've evolved) breasts to feed babies. It's not that it's a natural thing, it's necessary, God given thing.

So stop being dumb. Don't say dumb things, just say you prefer modesty or you wish that your child (or you) didn't have to see a naked breast and move on. Don't debate that it's the same thing as pooping or sex and that we should be allowed to do that in public too. Understand that sometimes it's too hot or we forgot a cover and that we, not only have a legal right to feed our babies, but that it's necessary.

If everyone on both sides of this never-ending debate would just give a little, it wouldn't be so bad.


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