Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kitchen: Before and After

I recently posted photos of my kitchen renovation project

I'm sure many of you know the story behind my house, but some of you may not. 

In 2007 we were deeded over my great grandparents house. It had been sitting vacant for years, my great grandparents things still in the closets. A few relatives had temporarily lived in the house, but never to make it a permanent home. In fact, when we moved in, my great grandpa's bank statements from 1920 were still in one of the closets. We ended up filling two huge dumpsters with moth eaten clothing, old broken furniture and unusable appliances. 

The house is really small, so to make it functional, we had to do a lot of major remodeling including tearing out one wall and building a new one. We (and by we I mean my husband, I was 7 months pregnant at this point) built new cabinets, put in a header above said cabinets and put in recessed lighting. We tiled the floor in the kitchen and bathroom. We gutted the bathroom and have yet to finish. 
Since I posted the kitchen semi-befores, I post the actual befores so you can see what we started with. (Including my grandparents things still sitting around. FYI, the computers were being stored here by another relative.)

These cabinets are on the same wall as ours, but the wall on the left has been torn out. We also built a wall on the right where our stove is now.

This wall has been removed and is now open to our living room.
This is looking into the kitchen from the living room (before the new microwave and backsplash, just haven't taken new pics) where the old wall would have been. We built the wall the stove is on.
New microwave before backsplash and island.
Finished after backsplash.

For more of the finished backsplash go here.

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aanjsmom said...

is that original hardwood, or did you put it in after? I LOVE it!

Jen said...

Wow! That is one serious transformation! My husband and I have done a few remodel jobs as well, and boy, they're a lot of work! Your kitchen looks beautiful, though, and I'm sure it was work all the hard work you both put in! Thanks for linking up! ~Jen @

Sally @ A Blessed Existence said...

The hardwood is original!

Thanks so much! It's been a lot of work, time, money and energy living here with everything being under construction. We're getting much closer to being finished, just small projects left (except the bathroom).

Erin of Salvaged Whimsy said...

Wow...just Wow. My husband and I did a major renovation a couple years ago, but I wasn't pregnant until the very end. I think we may have been at around the same level of renovation needed as you are...but we didn't have to deal with getting rid of all of that stuff. I think that part of the project would have been totally daunting. I painted the finished basement when I was about 38 weeks. We've since sold it, and our new project/house is much more habitable. Great job though! (I love the name of your blog - blessed is one of my fave words since having our babies)

Nobodys Nothings said...

wow, Sally! you've really done an amazing job with that kitchen. it's beautiful now!

Devin said...

It is looking so good Sally!

Sally @ A Blessed Existence said...

The getting rid of stuff was the hardest part for me. It was my family's stuff so I kept picking things out that my husband threw out. lol He really did most of the work, so I can't take much credit. I was just the manager. :)

Thanks everyone! I'm just ready to get the bathroom in the same shape as the kitchen!

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