Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drama, Drama

I'm sure a ton of people don't agree with me, but I think that the Kanye West thing was staged.

I read an article a while back written by a celeb assistant; he didn't say who he worked for, but that he did work for a major celebrity. He said that there are so many things that are fabricated just for publicity, relationships, break-ups, etc.

Basically, two celebrities who needed a publicity boost would pretend to be in a relationship. They would be seen together in public, or maybe going to the other's house, but nothing was really happening. They were just using the paparazzi for their own benefit.

After reading that, I don't really believe anything that happens in Hollywood. The Kanye/Taylor story has been blasted all over facebook, myspace, and every news page in the world. It's a top trend on twitter. It's everywhere.

How else could they have gotten a buzz like that for the VMAs? I have seen a ton of people update their status to say they are now going to watch the late edition of the VMAs just to see the drama, would they have watched it before? No, or they would have just watched the early one.

I think it's just a blatant way to generate notoriety they wouldn't have had before.


Rikki said...

I sort of wonder weather or not it was staged too. But I don't see why Taylor would need more publicity, that girl is amazing and is far from "fading out". Now Kanya I can see need more, and possibly the same going for Beyonce.

Sally said...

I think it's probably more for the buzz of the VMA's, you know to drum up viewers. Just my guess.

I just really don't believe anything Hollywood has to say anymore.

Anonymous said...

i don't really watch that kind of stuff. every once in a while i'll catch the oscar's so i can see all the pretty dresses, but for the most part i stick to kid's shows, and the series i like.

Sally said...

Ha, me too. I only watched it to see the New Moon trailer. I just fast forward through everything else.

Rikki said...

You are probably right on that Sally. I bet after that happened millons of people probably mentioned it on facebook/twitter and then the ratings of the VMAs exploded.

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