Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That's All I Want to Hear About Casey Anthony

I'm sure I'll be slammed for my opinion on some level, but I'm so sick of hearing about the Casey Anthony trial. I haven't watched a single minute of trial coverage and have only read an article or two.

It was a tragedy that a baby died like that, won't deny it. But the only reason people care is because of the publicity level. So many children are treated this badly and worse on a daily basis. There is so much public outrage and anger over something that no one can do anything about, for Caylee, yet there are children being abused and witnessing abuse on a daily basis. Where are the cries for injustice for the children who suffer in silence. Depending on your religious beliefs, Caylee is no longer suffering, and possibly even in a better place. But what about the little boy who was in the news recently for being beaten, tied up, and prostituted out for his mother's drug habit? Not only did he suffer for so long, but the physical and emotional repercussions of that incident will torture him for the rest of his life. That to me is much worse than being in a place of no more pain. Where is the outrage for him?

Next on my list is, if there wasn't enough evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, the burden being 100% on the prosecution, how can someone blame the jury? Juries must be unbiased and they must be able to make a decision based on what is provided in court. I've seen so many posts blaming the jury, but they only make decisions with what they are given. The prosecution can say that they "knew the truth" but they didn't, and they didn't prove her guilty. I know so many people are upset at the decision, but I would much rather live in a country that demands the innocent be proven guilty than a place that doesn't even allow us a trial to prove innocence.

Last thing, facebook is currently littered with posts about God being the one who will take care of Casey. But, in all honesty, if Casey is a Christian who has repented her sins, all she has to do is ask forgiveness. Sure, God will provide some punishment, but if she is saved and has repented, she will not "rot in Hell."

The Bible states: “Assuredly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they may utter; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation” Mark 3:28-30 Which I interpret as the only unforgivable sin is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, which means that even murder is forgivable.

So really, this was just a soapbox post for me, but I really needed a place to vent my frustrations at my newsfeed. Feel free to agree or disagree; just know this is all I have to say on the matter unless you can provide me with necessary reasons as to why I should change my stance.

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Nobodys Nothings said...

yeah, i haven't been big in the discussions because i know that the reality is that this kind of thing happens every day. little children are abused, tortured, and murdered just as badly or worse and the people who did it aren't just walking free- they were never caught to begin with. monsters like Casey are all over the world, she's just ONE who had the bad luck to get all the attention for it.

as for the God part of the issue... i think most people need to feel that there's going to be justice of some kid, and God is a convenient way for people to find comfort. whatever keeps them sane, i suppose.

i will be glad when the sensation and shock of the trial dies down a bit.

Amy said...

I think you just need to give people time to react. You admit yourself you were very uninvolved in it emotionally and physically. But some people literally watched every bit of footage. Some were literally tied to the case. People need time to react.

I haven't followed the case to that extreme but I still remember when it was revealed Caylee had been dead a month before her mom ever reported her "missing". I literally cried when they announced the verdict and put up pictures of Caylee.

But you're right, Caylee is not the only abused child and she did get off a lot easier then many kids who LIVE through their abuse. The facts are our media is very biased to whoever is more "popular" or offers more shock and awe.

The drug dealing mom abusing her kid is not "shocking" because it's so common. And that kind of thinking is NOT right and just plain disgusts me.

However that's not the story people are hearing, and short of doing internet searches on local abused kids this is the kid people are hearing about.

So let people get their emotions out, and perhaps provide links to ways people can help stop the violence.

But you shouldn't tell people they are WRONG for feeling their own feelings about this trial.

Sally @ A Blessed Existence said...

I'm not telling anyone they are wrong. I'm saying how I feel. And I'm sure it will die down eventually, I'm just so tired of hearing about it now.

Rikki said...

You're right she won't "rot in hell" for certain(because she might very well be saved) but I still hope that she does because that's what she did to that precious baby. I've never said that about another human in my life, but I can't help but feel that way about her.

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