Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm flawed, how about you?

What's your biggest flaw? Mine? I'm a procrastinator (have no self discipline). Really.

I put things off until the very last possible second, and then I do something halfway just to get it done. I know that I'm not giving it my all, but I just don't have enough self-discipline to make myself do it without that monumental amount of pressure. I guess that might just make my biggest flaw self-discipline then, huh? Oh well, either one, just know I'm flawed.

Because of my lack of self-discipline, I do lots of things I know I shouldn't. At work, I put myself behind on tasks I should have finished days (sometimes weeks) before. I know they need to be done, but I just keep putting them off. My homework is the worst. I know that I really need to do an assignment, but I end up doing everything but homework. Usually, that's when I pick up on blogging, or I spend too much time on facebook. I get so stressed out that I do everything but what I should be doing. I also eat things I know I shouldn't. I drink way more soda than is healthy for anyone.

I know these things are bad, unhealthy (mentally and physically), and just awful for me and they affect my family too. But I still do them.

I really am flawed. In case you were wondering. In case you thought you were alone.

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Rikki said...

I'm perfect I have no flaws. Lol.

Honestly I'm also a procrastinator, I always wait until the last minute to complete tasks. Also I have ZERO will-power which sucks when dieting and things. I am so stubborn it's ridiculous and I have a really tough time admitting when I am wrong. I also like to argue with people about stupid stuff(like today I argued with my aunt about chicken nuggets lol) Which combined with the 2 previous flaws reallysucks for the person I am arguing with.

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