Monday, April 4, 2011

spring sadness

Every few months, I reach this point of...I'm not sure...that really just drags me into a funk. I'm not sure what causes it, but I sure wish I could pinpoint it. It's not the weather, because the sun has been out in full force and I even got a slight pink yesterday while taking pictures. It's not work, I don't think, as my work life isn't too stressful. I'm still making less money than I was two months ago, but I'm not overly stressed about that. It's most definitely not my marriage, as it's as rock solid as ever. I'm a little sad that my husband is working nights for a few weeks, but nothing I can't handle. School is a little...overwhelming, so maybe that's it?I haven't seen my BFF in almost two months, so that saddens me a lot.

My whole life is contributing to little bits of chaos that seem to be making bigger and bigger piles. I just need a break, but there isn't one in sight. I have an even fuller load of school this summer and fall than I do now. :\

For now, I'm celebrating small victories. I'm going to the lake to see my BFF this weekend, and her dad who was my second dad growing up. I have only seen him 1 time in 5 years. Maybe I'll even have a drink or two! : ) And even though I'll have school all summer, at least I won't have work. One more thing to celebrate. Even though Chance is working nights, at least he is working. We could use some extra cash.

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Amy said...

So sorry you're feeling down. Have a great weekend!!

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