Wednesday, March 30, 2011

advisory blog

Many of my bloggy friends have blogs that people could read for advice on different subjects that directly relate to parenting. (PPD, pre-term labor, even turning 30) I've been blessed enough to not have experiences with either of those things, and my mommy-hood has been fairly typical. I'm not an expert on anything, nor am I just awful at something that I'm trying to improve. I'm pretty middle of the road, in most things.

I don't blog with the hopes of helping others, though that would be awesome if I had something to offer. That line of thought had me thinking, what do I have to offer? Let's see...

How to go to school at nights and weekends, and do just enough work to squeak out a B? Probably not.

Hmm, How to cook mediocre dinners that I generally can't provide a recipe for because my complete lack of discipline doesn't account for structured things like recipes? I'm not a bad cook, 99% of what I cook is good, but it's not spectacular and I didn't come up with any of the recipes.

I could give you some input on speech language therapy, but I don't have a master's degree, and I really only have continuing knowledge in what I'm currently doing which is articulation and pragmatic therapy with middle schoolers. So, ask away about that, but don't expect me to provide lectures anytime soon.

I also have a stereotypical two year old, who throws tantrums I can barely control and refuses to go to the potty. I could give tips on how to keep your face stony when tantrums strike in walmart, but I really think you have to have something internal to manage that. (Thanks to whichever of my grandparents passed that gene down, because it does keep at least some of my dignity intact as I'm marching out of walmart with a screaming kid, when my face is straight and cool.)

I've been married for five years, but again, nothing spectacular. The key to our marriage is good communication, love and admiration, and the willingness to compromise. Nothing much special there, and again, I think it's one of those innate things that you can't really teach, it's just there. No science about it.

So, that's about all I can think of as far as necessary pieces of advice I could give. If you can think of anything I've left out that may be useful, please feel free to offer it up. Other than that, I'm pretty much too vanilla to have any abundance of advice, guess you'll have to just follow my friends. : )

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Amy said...

I love this post. I feel the same way about blogging. Sometimes I feel with all my mommy blogger friends trying to give advice or make a difference that maybe I am blogging for the wrong reason. But you know what? Blogging to remember my son's child hood (and future kiddos) IS the right reason for ME to blog. You keep blogging for your reasons. I enjoy it and I am going to keep reading! :)

Nobodys Nothings said...

to be honest with you, i've found blogs that are geared towards advice and helping others to be a bit boring. they always cover the same subject matter, and more often than not, never display a sense of humor or sarcasm due to the serious nature of their blog. i 100% prefer blogs that do nothing more than unpredictably follow life in general with a touch of sarcasm and humor. i've been known to unfollow blogs that are too serious to often.

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