Monday, November 1, 2010

Growing Up

As an adult, I realize that some things just don't matter. As an adolescent whose brain (the prefrontal cortex, specifically) wasn't developed completely, I didn't realize that.

I can now see the childish-ness and completely immaturity of my thoughts, actions and decisions.

I can remember bickering with my junior class over the prom glasses we chose. I want to scream at my stupid teenage self: WHO cares??? No one. I threw them away years ago.

But I honestly thought that was life ending.

I have a friend who thinks that every time any says something that could apply to her that they said it directly to her. She honestly believes that.

In my world full of reality, there isn't much room for narcissism.

I look at my younger sister, living in her drama filled high school life where everyday is a new friendship lost over a boy, I feel for her. I am so glad I'm over that part of my life. While I hate being old, that's more young than I would like to achieve.

I prefer being an adult, who is grown up enough to care less about small piddly things in life that don't hurt me.


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