Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poll: Birthday Cake

Birthday Post again!! In honor of my 25th Birthday, I have asked my amazing huband (whose Birthday is today actually) to order a professional cake for me. I told him to pick out the cake, and decide what decorations etc.

I love anything coconut. I also love German Chocolate. I'm a big chocolate and peppermint fan, so maybe cake people do things like that? I don't know, it's not up to me.

Poll Time:
What's your favorite cake? Flavors, layers, professional, home made, etc?

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Nobodys Nothings said...

oh, cake, how i love thee....

first, i'd have to have whipped icing. i can't stand thick frosting, so it'd have to be as light and fluffy as the baker could get it.

i'm not all that picky about flavors... but but some sort of cake with many thin layers of alternating frosting and spongy cake sounds divine. traditional vanilla or a light milk chocolate works for me, because i'd have a latte right next to it to help wash it down.

Rikki said...

I'm a big fan of cake! My favorites are regular "yellow" cake mix with chocolate icing and strawberry cake mix w/ cream cheese icing. I'll eat pretty much any kind of cake though lol. Except anything with coconut, I'm not a coconut fan.

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