Sunday, October 3, 2010

Personal Discovery

So after a conversation with some colleagues the other day, I realized something about myself that I never knew. Perhaps, it's the discovery itself.

I'm an extremely literal person. I see things exactly how they are and have to really work around something vague to get it. Everything I do and/or say is very straight forward. I really didn't know this about myself.

For example, my boss asked for us to send blank therapy logs. So I sent blank ones. Little did I know she meant with the student data on it, but not filled out. How would I, she said blank. A form we had to fill out last week asked for the month at the top. So I sent in one for each month, even though that meant sending several blank pages.

I'm so overly logical, so literal that it hinders my ability to communicate and function with others in certain situations.

Have you ever done that? Learned something about yourself that you just didn't ever know before, but that was glaringly obvious?


Nobodys Nothings said...

i didn't figure out that i was an absent minded ditz until i hit motherhood. :)

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