Tuesday, August 17, 2010


UGH. Today was my first day back to work after being off since May. My daily commute is 50 minutes. I woke up at 5:50, had Archer dropped off at daycare early. I drive to the gas station to get gas, and my billfold isn't in my car seat where I left it.

Hmm...I drive back home, check everywhere it should be. Then I realize my diaper bag also isn't in my car or in my house. I think maybe I just left it somewhere, and after a mini meltdown about not having my billfold, or a single dime to my name, I head to work.

I checked the balance on my credit card, and one debit card. No action. On my way to work, I check my other checking account. It didn't have any money in it, so I didn't think to check it before. There are 10 denied transactions. Apparently I hadn't left my billfold anywhere, it was stolen out of my car.

I feel so violated. I always lock my car, but Chance forgot to when he went to get our supper. I'm worried whoever it was is going to come back and break into my house. I'm worried they are going to hit my car again whenever I get a new billfold and new cards. I'm just sick with worry.

This makes me want to get a huge pit bull, not even a mean one, just one that would scare a person away just for walking past my fence.

I'm looking into some alarm systems and trying to justify the monthly cost and upkeep it would take. We don't live in a bad neighborhood, it's just a small town where there are punk kids all over. There are two apartment houses at either end of the block that are a little ghetto though, so I just don't know.


Nobody said...

i had a dream last night that my wallet was stolen by a pickpocketing clown in England. my first thought was "oh no! someone stole my wallet just like they stole S's!"

we live in a pretty good neighborhood, but my husband is still finishing up our security system installation today. he used to work as an installation guy for a home security company, so he knows how to do all that stuff. :) basic monitoring isn't too bad if you find the right company to do it... it's the equipment that'll drain your pockets. once that's over, though, you're good to go. :)

Candance said...

I am soooo sorry your wallet got stolen. That just plain sucks.

I was going to e-mail you a reply to your questions, but it was a no reply address, so I couldn't. But, to answer your questions, I'm subbing again this semester and probably next semester if I'm not student teaching. I think I test for my probationary certificate sometime this semester.

Now for Max. Max is going into public school for the first time ever and he's way beyond second grade, which is what grade he should be going into. We're testing him to put him in third, but the tests didn't come in before he left for vacation, so he has to go to second grade for like half a day while he takes the tests. Then, we'll know what grade he's in.

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