Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facebook Comments

This is my obligatory post on my personal facebook comments.

Sometimes, when I comment on photos and statuses, I feel like I'm saying the exact same thing all other 19 posters have said. I don't like that feeling. While I love looking at photos of all my friend's beautiful babies, I don't want to be a "Oh, how cute" drone.

So, what I generally do is comment on other's comments or about something happening in the photo not just the overall cuteness that it has.

I go back and see what others have posted and think, "Hmm, what I said could be a little flip, taken wrong, or just off point." That's not how I intend it.

Point? If I comment on something not directly related to a photo, or don't show the appropriate amount of sympathy/empathy for a status, just overlook it please. I don't do it to be a pain or insensitive, I'm just trying to speak my mind and not fall in line.

Thanks and sorry for any inconviences this might have caused.


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