Saturday, March 27, 2010

Growing away

Archer has decided he no longer wants to sleep with me. Every night this week he has spent almost the whole night in his bed.

He's such a restless sleeper I think he has finally realized he sleeps better in his own space.

I'm so proud and so sad at the same time. And when I say sleep with me, I don't meant chance isn't in bed with us, because he is. But Arch usually snuggles up to me and throws his arm around my neck or rests his head on my chest.

I know this means he is ready to be in that big boy bed in his room all alone, but I'm not sure I'M ready for that.

Especially since a blog reader told me a horrific story about a little girl who believed a bad man that he was a fireman when he tapped on her window. Bad thing ensued.

Chance suggested we just tell him, once he's able to open his own window not to believe anyone, but I don't want him not actually going with a fireman if there is an actual fire.

Ugh, life would be so much easier if he would sleep with me until he's 18.


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