Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun, fun

Here's the missing post!!

I had a conference in OKC this weekend, so some friends and I went up and stayed in Bricktown.

If you've never been or heard of Bricktown, it's close to downtown where all the old warehouses have been rennovated into clubs and restaurants. They have also installed a water canal and a water taxi system. It's wonderful night life. Everything is in walking distance. So you can stay in a hotel, party a little and walk back without driving. It's so much safer.

Anyway, we went to couple bars. My favorite was a dueling piano bar. It was just a fun atmosphere, and the best part of it was NO smoking!!

The next day, on 2 hours sleep, we dragged ourselves into the conferece. It was ok, but wasn't exactly what I expected.

After that, I headed to my best friend's, who lives 30 mins away and that night we headed out to a Japanese restaurant. The food was great, but my other friend made us eat sushi, which I'm not a fan of.

Saturday archer and I went to old navy and I got his Easter/two wedding outfit for this summer. He loved it, he knew he was styling!

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