Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Opinions please

We bought a new bed yesterday. Ours was just awful for 2 people. One person could do just fine, but when there are two only one of you is getting even half rest.

Archer has been sleeping with us ( I know it's horrible, but it's easier.) because his bedroom window broke and we didn't want to fix just one.

To the point, what is your opinion if putting our full size bed in his room for him to use?

We won't have to buy a new bed frame when he would outgrow a twin bed.

He's already used to sleeping in it.

It saved money.


It's kind of tall. (The monkey he is, he has been climbing on and off of it since before his birthday.)

We will still have to buy a mattress eventually.

It's big, and I want him to stay a baby forever.

Any opinions are welcome. TIA

We also ordered new windows yesterday, so that's no longer an issue.

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Rikki said...

We were actually looking at a full size bed for Brinley over the weekend. We will probably get it once we buy a house. She ends up in our bed anyway so she is used to it being far off the ground, etc. Since you have it anyway there is no harm in trying. If it ends up not working out than you didn't waste any money.

I have no idea how you three slept in a full size bed! We have a queen right now and it's pretty crowded.

Nobody said...

i think it'd be great, as long as you don't have to worry about him falling out of it.

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