Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great day

Today's forecast called for dreary gray skies. That and Archer waking us up at 730, I was sure this day would be awful.

As Chance and I began grating each others nerves I asked him to take us driving. I really dislike driving for leisure, because if I drive we have to take my truck and it's too small for all 3 of us to be comfortable, as his is a standard.

After much sweet talking, he agreed. I told him to take us where ever. Generally when we do this, we both gaze at the pretty houses and wish we lived in them, but with the fog even the road trip seemed yucky and doomed.

We start heading toward his parents, and then past, so I knew we were headed for the lake and I was instantly ticked that I hadn't thought to grab my camera.

We cruised through the golf course and past the marina. We saw several geese and even a pelican. Then we headed down "Cove Road," here in Oklahoma we are simple with names, so as you imagine, it's a big long road that winds through the coves on the lake.

The water was up fairly high, and the ducks were scattered all over the water. It was so beautiful. That yucky fog was hovering over the water in such a photographic way that I was internally beating myself or not bringing it again.

We eventually stopped and let Arch get out and move. He loved it. He loves nature and being outside, he just wanted to run and inspect leaves and fallen trees. But mostly, he wanted to run TO the water and get in. I had to pull him back. He went right in, no hesitation. I had to drag the poor thing away.

We spent a few hours just milling around, and this has just been such a wonderful day.

Not my shot, but you get the idea.

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