Saturday, January 23, 2010

Terrible Twos

Is it really time for them already?

I'm praying that the reason Archer has been such a punk is only because of his ears and not just because he's becoming a mean child.

We went to my friends birthday party today and he was by far the worst kid there. He yelled, screeched, and ran from me at any given chance. He pulled Alyvia's (the birthday girl) hair and hit another baby in the face with a ball. I was mortified.

Since Chance doesn't really know any of these people, I went alone. That was definitely torture.

I miss my sweet lovey boy.


Rikki said...

I bet it is just because he doesn't feel well. I hope he gets better and you get your sweet baby back.

p.s. I love the "Who Am I" on here and thing and I totally stole it for my facebook, I hope you don't mind.

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