Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Southern Vampires

Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse series? The HBO show True Blood is based on them. I'm on book four, and I really like the series.

I'll tell you why I like them.

I don't think these books are award winning material. I don't think they are the best written, as a matter of fact, most days I find a continuity error that makes me wonder how the editors missed it.

However, if you've read Twilight and are an Edward lover, you know that Stephenie Meyer makes it really hard to dislike him, let alone hate him. Even when he's being a controlling ass, it's just hard to say, "I hate that perfectly sculpted, beautiful, sparkling vampire."

Charlaine Harris' star vampire, Bill, he's not as idolized. (So far, as I said, only 4 books in.) Bill doesn't really understand modern humans, he makes errors, he says and does many wrong things, and it's OK to be pissed at him for it.

It's not crammed down your throat how perfect Bill and Sookie are together. She tells us constantly that they aren't good for each other, but they are mutually indulging in this bad for them relationship.

I like most of all that I don't feel bad for Bill when other men are nice to Sookie. I like that she isn't on his pedestal, and he isn't on hers. I like that she gets pissed at Bill, and has the self control to stay away from him when she is. I like that he gives her space and lets her be pissed.

Most of all, I like that they are adults. They have jobs, and worries, and care about bills and lack of funds. And they aren't spoiled teenagers who drive foreign cars. I think every character as driven an American built car. And they all have jobs.

Sorry, I'm getting off topic, but sitll I like these books for many reasons. But mostly they are a guilty pleasure.


Nobody said...

i think that Stephanie Meyer took a really stupid idea and sold it by writing it up really, really well. the more i read Twilight, the less realistic it sounds. my most recent "issue" is with the birthday drop of blood scene. Jasper freaked out over one drop of blood on her finger... there's no way he could function in society that unstable, let alone in a school full of ragging teenage girls... but she wrote it so that it was utterly believable because [i believe] she is a very, very talented writer.

i think that Charlaine Harris took a great idea, but didn't write it quite as well, because she isn't as talented a writer as SM. i really liked the series, despite it not being written quite as well, because it took a whole other approach to the vampire thing. :)i love that Sookie didn't find true love with Bill, and that she "branched" out to other characters. the true love thing gets old after a while, kwim?

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