Thursday, January 14, 2010

Home with the kiddo


While I miss being home everyday, I feel totally unproductive. I've missed two days already this semester.

The daycare owner called me this morning to say she was sick. I planned on calling my mom, but fell back asleep accidentally. Then once I woke up like a bat out of hell I started throwing clothes on me, trying to rouse Archer, etc. I sent my mom a text to which she never responded. Ten minutes later I called her. She said she would watch him at work.

I finally got him awake and was trying to dress him when I saw that my hair had definitely crapped out overnight. See, I generally straighten it the night before, and it still looks good in the morning. Today, that did not happen. Then I had to fight Archer, as I am not talented enough to hold him and straighten my hair.

I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get this kid dressed and what not, only to call my mom and tell her I was just gonna keep him home myself because one of the other mom's posted on facebook that their whole family had the same stomach bug as the owner. I just didn't figure my mom or sister wanted a rampant stomach bug, and I still hadn't found shoes for Archer to wear.

This day is already stressing me out!


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