Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a way to turn around!!

(A blog post from me in the middle of the week? What? I had to get the turn crank out to start up my computer just to post this!! : )

On my way to work, I felt like a greedy 5 year old who just had to be the fastest racer on the playground. I was just in such a hurry, for no reason. I made it to work early. I guess a sense of urgency is better than that loser who drives 45 in a 65, but I just hate feeling all tight and anxious about needing to pass those cars because they are only going 60. I don't really need to go 75, but for some reason, it really does make me feel better!! Kind of.

But anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I saw a student today who just really turned my day around.

Without giving any information about him, he is just a really sweet kid who has the kind of smile you have to mirror. I mean really, every time he smiled I had to smile back (even though I know my smile is not nearly as awesome as his is, not being self deprecating, he just has one of those million dollar smiles that belong on McDonald's commercials or happy TV in any form).

I left my office feeling a little lighter, and even dare I say, happier. I have been so blah all week, this is just the perfect way to turn it around for the weekend!!


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