Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wanna know a big secret?

Sorry, I don't have any big ones.

But, I do have this little bit of information that is totally irrelevant to anything important. : ) I have only told this to one person, out loud.

I am currently on financial aid suspension. : ( Wanna know why?

Because I dropped all of my classes my last semester in the middle of the semester because it wasn't what I wanted to do and because I thought I had a job lined up that would require me to work full time.

So, now I am praying that I can get an appeal, or I will be $1500 in the hole for these classes I am taking. : ( Scary huh?

So, tomorrow, I have to go for a job interview. I doubt I will get it, it's for a tribe. It involves counseling people in an education/career aspect. I have no idea how much it pays, so I might be wasting my time anyway. But, I figure there is never any harm in interviewing, just gives you that much more experience. And, I haven't interviewed for real jobs all that much.

After the interview, I'm off to the college to take my appeal letter and the rest of my financial aid documents. Keep your fingers crossed that they will appeal me and I can get my scholarship!!


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