Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A lapse in technology

Right before Christmas, Chance and I decided that we did not need cellphones. Our contracts were up, and really, they were a bonus we didn't need. I am home all day long, and he is with my dad all day long. We are both generally always with people who will have cell phones.

I was totally addicted to having mine. I sent more text messages than most bratty hs kids.

My thing with texting though was a little more complex. When we moved from the town we lived in while I was in college, I quit my job, I left behind all of my friends from work and school, I was home bound all the time because we just didn't have the money for me to drive over there and hang out for no reason. Plus it was the middle of summer, and I was too hot and pregnant to get out and drive 40 minutes to hang out. Plus, all of said friends were either in school or at work. I felt really lost.

So, I would send hundreds of texts per day to talk to all of the people I left behind.

Back to the original converstion! We turned off the cell phones, got a home phone and internet for about $70 a month less than our two mobile phones.

Most of my friends and all of my family knew about this switch, and it wasn't too weird for me.

However, with my new classes, a classmate asked for my cellphone. I didn't say anything, but it really did feel odd to say, "I don't have one."

Did I mention, I have had a cell phone since I was 15? So, 8 years when I turned it off. It just feels odd now not to have one now, and it's the first time I have felt that way since we did it.

You always hear people say they wish they didn't have one. That it would be freeing. Well, it was for a while. I love being able to go places and not have to worry about someone calling me for whatever.

Now, it's a little awkward!


Anonymous said...

we haven't had a home phone in nearly 7 years. i definitely couldn't go without mine... mostly because i'm always alone.

Kristen said...

I definitely couldn't go with out a cell phone. We've been without a home phone for almost 4 years now. I really hate talking on the phone so text messaging is perfect for me to send a quick note to someone. Not to mention having one when I am out (whether or not I am at work) if someone needs to reach me about my children. I can see how it might be different if I weren't working, though. You're a better person than I am!!!

Rikki said...

I'd hate not having a cell phone, they are so convenient. It makes me feel safer when I drive to have one and I text like crazy.

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